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Struts 2 July 3, 2007

Posted by Phill in Struts.

I’ve just taken a look at Struts 2. I’ve been using Struts now for a few years, but I haven’t had time yet to take a look at Struts 2. This afternoon I had a bit of free time, so I decided to take a look at what Struts 2 could do for me.

I’m actually quite impressed. It looks like a lot of the inflexibility of the Struts 1 framework has gone, and it has been replaced with a much more open framework which is easier to develop with. No more extending the Action class, for a start! Not if you don’t want to, at least.

It seems like what they’ve done is bring it more into line with a lot of the newer web frameworks out there, but keep what was good about the original Struts.

I will post up more about it once I’ve given it a try!

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