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Google Web Toolkit March 18, 2008

Posted by Phill in Frameworks.
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First off, in the “other news” department, I’ve started a new job recently. The main application here is based around Java Swing, however we are porting certain parts of it to the web and so I will continue to blog about JEE based things as and when they come up!

The past day or two I’ve been looking at Google Web Toolkit. It’s a relatively new way of looking at AJAX application development: you develop all the code in Java, which then gets compiled by the Google compiler and translated into JavaScript. There are various benefits to such an approach, including having the type safety of a statically typed language in JavaScript, being able to unit test, that kind of thing.

From my experiences recently it seems like a very useful tool for certain types of application. I will try and organise my thoughts and blog about it in the near future!



1. Dalibor Novak - March 30, 2008

I’ve been taking a look at GWT lately as well. My main concern is that it loads the application upfront. This is fine for smaller specialized applications but can be annoying in a larger and more complex applications.

Because of that I am also checking out Echo2(3). In server based mode it uses browser just for rendering the application. It is also fully AJAXified and applications can be written fully in java (there is a javascript based “client mode” available too).
I like the idea that dependencies are lazy loaded to client side. My concern with Echo is that events trigger actions on server and that means there is quite a lot of traffic going on between client and server.

So if you are looking into rich web application development in java I recommend that you take a look at Echo as well. If you’ll do that I would be interested in what do you think about it and which approach (GWT or Echo) suits you better.

2. Phill - March 31, 2008

So are you going to rewrite the RBM module in GWT / Echo? πŸ˜‰

Echo looks really good although I will have to download and use it to really get the idea.

Maybe I will post up some kind of comparison πŸ™‚

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